Shipping and Logistics

Member: Gene Brown

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 11161
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone:(412) 635-6136
Cell: (412) 916-4142
Fax: (412) 430-3036


Web Site:

Business Description: Unishippers is a 3rd Party Logistics company celebrating 30 years helping small to mid size businesses with all of their shipping needs. Unishippers is the largest 3rd Party Logistics company in the US and we have over 50,000 customers nationwide. We have contracts with over 40 National Freight Carriers and are an authorized re-seller of UPS Products and Services. We can offer consulting to assist companies to determine the most effective and efficient ways to address their shipping needs.

Target Market: Small to medium size businesses needing to ship documents, parcels, pallets, truckloads either domestically or internationally.