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Member: Joanne Quinn-Smith

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Dreamweaver Marketing Associates

Phone: 412-444-5197


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Business Description:Full service marketing firm specializing in digital marketing and online branding and media.  TechnoGranny™ has accumulated over one million listeners for her podcasts and produced over 1500 episodes.  She has received the National Small Business Administration Journalist of the Year Award and has been a Stevie Award Finalist for Best Media Website for which garners over 3 million visitors per year. Her Google+ Profile has over 3 million views. PPL Mag is Pittsburgh's First Internet Radio and TV Network and Pittsburgh's Premier Podcasting Portal

TechnoGranny's specialties which can help but you on the Google and other Search Engine Maps Are:  ◊ LinkedIn Power Profiles ◊ Niche Marketing ◊ Curriculum Vitae/Biographies ◊ Branding Analysis ◊ Brand Identification ◊ Digital Branding ◊ Podcasting Producer & Coach ◊ Author and Ghost Writer ◊ Blogging and Social Media Coach ◊ Capture Interest and Keep It!

Target Market: Businesses and Professionals who want to increase their internet visibility to get more clients. Location: anywhere in the U.S., especially Greater Pittsburgh Area. TechnoGranny has clients all over the USA and internationally.

Spheres of influence:
Specialist in Digital Branding and online platforms to create credibility and consistent business.

On Line Radio Broadcasts/Podcasts include:

•   Techno Granny Show™
•   Monday Morning Marketeer™
•   Positively Pittsburgh Live™, includes Burgh Biz Blasts
•   Author Author Shine Out Loud™
•   PositivelyPittsburghTV
•   RovingPittsburgherTV

Always looking for Techno Granny Show guests who are experts with various technologies and can explain them in laypersons terms. Also guest hosts for PositivelyPittsburghLive™ and Authors who have written new books.

A good Referral for me would be:
Business Owners or Professionals who desire to Develop a Brand for their Business or Profession, using New Media Platforms, Digital Marketing, Organic Search Results and Authority Creation. Professionals Interested in getting more business from the internet and greater opportunities through social media like LinkedIn. TechnoGranny understands your pain in getting the word out to "Get Your Google On." Professionals looking to create a stellar digital footprint.

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