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Member: Kelli Robbins

Contact Information:
Contact One Communications Inc.
Advertisers Associates Inc.
1627 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15222

Phone: (412) 224-1200, (888) 275-0305

Fax: (412) 224-1300


Web Site:

Description: Founded in 1985, Contact One specializes in telephone answering service and custom call center applications for commercial, medical, e-commerce and web applications.

Contact One delivers information and business results through better communication. Contact One has helped thousands of business leaders develop strong communications management strategies. We work with clients on every aspect of communication from the development of telecom scripts, to the preparation and delivery of marketing plans, fulfillment, web presence and e-commerce management.  Advertisers Associates has also yielded additional opportunities to assist our valued clients in the areas of advertising and promotions.

Target Market: Contact One’s clients are top leaders in business, from Fortune 500 to small and midsize companies and professional services firms.