Golden Triangle Executive Association

The Golden Triangle Executives Association (GTEA) was founded by Dale Liken of Liken Employment and Personnel Services in February 1988. This company later became Liken Healthcare.

Dale's grand vision for the organization hinged on all members becoming a family of referring partners to always think of their counterparts when meeting new contacts in the marketplace with the confidence that a referral of a fellow member was equivalent to the offering of their own services.  Dale was a taskmaster who demanded punctuality and attendance, setting a high standard for commitment to the organization and its members.

The vision and commitment to the organization are paramount for members to establish the confidence of one another.  The close knit membership is diverse and has had changes over the years in the classifications represented.  The longevity of the GTEA is credited to the original vision and commitment established by its founder for our members to support each other’s business success by providing a constant opportunity for leads.


Darlene Kruth, President
Dave Fielder, Vice President
Denny Flanigan, Treasurer
Michelle Battisti, Secretary

Web Master: Joyce Kane


GTEA Meetings

The GTEA currently meets at Gaetano’s Restaurant on Banksville Road.  The weekly meeting is held on Thursday at 12 noon.  The meeting consists of a one hour luncheon during the months of September through June with a limited December schedule.  In July and August it meets every other week to allow for vacations.  75% attendance per quarter is required of all members to show good faith in their commitment to not only provide leads, be there to accept them, act on them as soon as possible and to interact with the other members.  During this scheduled meeting, the group varies the agenda with member presentations, round table discussions in small groups and the “all hands on deck” round table format.  We also arrange after hours events periodically to expand our membership.  During all of these activities, we have a formal written exchange of business leads with our counterparts for the sales and business development of all of our members.

If seeking membership, please see a list of represented categories for potential conflict. We are a category specific membership organization with no competitor allowed to join. Therefore, we are limited to a group that will further the business of each member.

Guests are welcome to attend (1) one time for a complimentary lunch when seeking membership in a new category that is not represented.  Further attendance of guests is limited to (1) one additional visit where they must pay for their lunch prior to joining the organization. Upon group approval, inductees are required to pay (3) months dues in advance for membership.

Golden Triangle Executives Association is a non-profit organization.